Total shareholder return (share price return)

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Thomson ReutersWhen using Datastream the datatype RI (return index) includes the re-investment of dividends. The total return can be calculated from the change in the return index over the chosen time period. The basic fomula is:

Retit = ( RIit – RIit-1 ) / RIit-1  (multiply by 100 for percentage return)

The percentage return can be calculated using a Datastream formula.

For example,  PCH#( X(RI), 1M )

  • percentage change (PCH#) of
  • the series return index (X(RI))
  • over 1 month (1M) (you can have 1D for one day, 1Y for one year etc.)

This gets the return for a company when X is an equity series, for an index when X is a index series, and for a group of companies when X is a list.

If you want the percentage change in price, that is without re-investment of dividends, you can use P rather than RI, 

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Risk Free Rates on Datastream

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A couple of business library blogs have mentioned the risk free rate recommendations on the Thomson Reuters Datastream extranet – see Risk free rates, T-Bills, Benchmark bonds (Databaser, Oct 2013) and Datastream – Risk free rate (Aberconway Library, Sept 2011). The first recommendation is to use 3 Month Treasury Bills where possible (Thomson Reuters, 2009). Unfortunately, these recommendations have not been updated recently. Some of the series mentioned are now dead (i.e. do not give up to date data), including those for the US and UK.

Thomson ReutersThere are alternative sources for 3 Month Treasury Bills (T-Bills) on Datastream:


  • USTBL3M – 03/07/1989 – 01/05/2007, Daily, US TREAS.BILL 3M(USE FRTBS3M)’DEAD from Financial Times
  • FRTBS3M – 04/01/1954 – present, Daily, US T-BILL SEC MARKET 3 MONTH from Thomson Reuters
  • FRTBW3M – 08/01/1954 – present, Weekly, US T-BILL SEC MARKET 3 MONTH (W) from Federal Reserve, United States
  • TRUS3MT – 04/01/1954 – present, Daily, TR US T-BILLS…

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We’re moving…

As part of a migration process to Cardiff University owned blog sites, we are now formally closing down this blog. This will be the last post on here, our new blog can be found here:

New Aberconway Library blog.

GSK sells Ribena and Lucozade for £1.35bn

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It was recently reported that GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) have sold the Lucozade and Ribena drinks brands to Japanese firm Suntory for £1.35bn.

GSK chose to get rid of the well-known UK brands after deciding to focus on its core pharmaceuticals business.

from Lucozade and Ribena sold to Suntory for £1.35bn (BBC Business News, 9 September 2013).

For background information on the soft drinks market.

KeyNote has

Soft Drinks (Carbonated and Concentrated) Market Update 2012 (19th Edition October 2012, Edited by Leah Tutt)

Note. All KeyNote market research reports are for the UK market.

Passport (formerly GMID) from Euromonitor has a number of report (see screenshot below) including

GlaxoSmithLinke Plc in Soft Drinks (United Kingdom), Local Company Profile 14 Jun 2013

Purchase of Lucozade Takes Suntory Holdings a Step Closer to Becoming A Truly Global Company, CAMI Article 09 Sep 2013

I choose “Ribena” for my searches – as a…

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Annual Library Catalogue Upgrade

Just so you know…

New Books in Aberconway in July 2013

Click on the image or title of the books listed below to be taken to the details of the book on the library catalogue, LibrarySearch.

Career, aptitude and selection tests : match your IQ, personality and abilities to your ideal career Behavioral economics / Edward Cartwright.     -   London ; New York : Routledge, 2011. Brilliant workplace skills for students & graduates : how to hit the ground running from your first day on the job / Bill Kirton.     -   Harlow : Prentice Hall, 2012. Doing your research project : a guide for first-time researchers in education, health and social science / Judith Bell.   5th ed.   -   Maidenhead : Open University Press / McGraw Hill, 2010. Integrating varieties of capitalism and welfare state research : a unified typology of capitalisms / Martin Schröder    - Your PhD companion : the insider guide to mastering the practical realities of getting your PhD / Stephen Marshall & Nick Green.   3rd ed., rev. and updated.   -   Oxford : How To Books, 2010. Student to CEO : 97 ways to influence your way to the top in banking and finance / Simon Dixon.     -   St Albans : Ecademy Press, 2011. Summer jobs worldwide 2012 / with an introduction by Susan Griffith.   43rd ed.   -   Richmond : Vacation Work, 2011. Sway : the irresistible pull of irrational behaviour / Ori Brafman and Rom Brafman.     -   London : Virgin, 2009. Wealth in the UK : distribution, accumulation, and policy / John Hills ... [et al.]     -   Behavioural economics and finance / Michelle Baddeley.     -   London ; New York : Routledge, 2013. Hayek and behavioral economics / edited by Roger Frantz and Robert Leeson.     -   Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan, 2013.

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Requesting monthly data in Datastream – what happens?

Good post on how different frequencies work in Datastream

EDSC tips & hints

In the Time Series Request in Datastream you can choose the frequency. Available options are Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly. What happens when your serie has a daily frequency and you request the data with a monthly frequency? That depends on the datatype you request.

P and MV
When you download the closing price (P) or market value (MV) of an equity with a monthly frequency, you get data for one day of each month. Which day Datastream uses, depends on the start date entered in the request: if the start date is 1/1/2005, you get the P and MV of the first (trading) day of each month. If you enter 1/31/2005 as the start date you get the P and MV of the last trading day of each month.

Be aware: this is not a monthly average – it’s just the data on one particular day of the…

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New Books in Aberconway Library in June 2013

To access the details of any of the books below, click on the image to be taken to the record of the book in LibrarySearch, the Library Catalogue.

SAGE dictionary of social research methods / compiled and edited by Victor Jupp.     -   London ; Thousand Oaks, CalifAgeing, meaning and social structure connecting critical and humanistic gerontology  edited by Jan Baars ..Politics in the new hard times  the great recession in comparative perspective  edited by Miles Kahler and David A. Lake.

Regulating for decent work  new directions in labour market regulation  edited by Sangheon Lee and Deirdre McCann.Skills and skilled work : an economic and social analysis / Francis Green.     -   Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2013. Unions and globalization : governments, management, and the state at work / by Peter Fairbrother ... [et al.].     -   New York : Routledge, 2012.

Discrimination and the law by Malcolm Sargeant.Shaping efficient employer branding strategies to target Generation Y  a cross-national perspective on recruitment marketing  Elena Hubschmid.Reimagining Japanese Education  Borders, Transfers, Circulations, and the Comparative Edited by David Blake Willis and Jeremy Rappleye

International seafarers and transnationalism in the twenty-first century  by Helen Sampson.Penguin history of modern China  the fall and rise of a great power, 1850 to the present by Jonathan Fenby

Shipping Intelligence Network

The library has purchased a subscription to Shipping Intelligence Network.

This is a large databases of shipping statistics, market data, registry information, news, sector reports and more on the shipping industry.

To access this database, go to the Databases A-Z, link here.

On the page there will be a Password link, you will need your Cardiff University username and password to access this page and obtain the log-in details.

All users at Cardiff University on logging on to Shipping Intelligence Network will be asked to confirm the log-in identity as Mr Stephen Ratcliffe (that’s me). It is fine to accept this and proceed as I am the appointed administrator of the service and my name acts as a generic log-in for all users.

The database is subject to normal restrictions on academic use: you are not to divulge the log-in credentials to anyone, only members of cardiff university are allowed access. It is not permitted to share data or host data from this source anywhere else.

Please note: This database is restricted to on-campus use, it is not available off-campus.

shipping intelligence

Datastream and SEDOL codes

Great post on using SEDOL codes in Datastream courtesy of the library at Manchester Business School.

Business Research Plus

Thomson ReutersTake care when using SEDOL codes in Thomson Reuters Datastream! You can lookup an equity by its SEDOL code (Datastream datatype SECD) but SEDOL codes do not work properly when creating a Datastream List or when using a Datastream Request Table.

There is a solution – add ‘UK’ before the SEDOL code, so B09LQS3 becomes UKB09LQS3, and then they are recognised correctly.

This is a known problem – see Searching Datastream using Sedol codes and Datastream Tips and tricks.

The following screenshot shows some results from a Datastream Request Table – the first five have UK added, then next five are the original SEDOL code, the next five have UK added and so on.

You will see that none of the SEDOL codes starting with “B” are recognised correctly, and some of those that are just numbers are mistaken for Datastream codes so can return data referring to something…

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